Abdo Romeo Abdo: Minsk Commercial Real Estate

The last two decades have brought great changes for businesses and sales in Minsk. As buyers’ tastes tend to change as well, sellers in the commercial real estate market have to be remarkably flexible and adjust to the expectations of potential customers. Everyone remains happy – both locals, for whom shopping and entertainment have become even more accessible and comfortable, […]

In memory of Maurice Erzog – the legendary climber and the first conqueror of Annapurna

Mountaineering legend, the first conqueror of Annapurna peak (Nepal) Maurice Erzog passed away on December 14, 2012 at the age of 92. The climber became famous for his successful ascent of the eight-thousander on June 3, 1950. Together with Luis Lashenal, he was the first in history to conquer the most beautiful peak of Nepal without using oxygen. This was […]

Holidays in Nepal. Bala Chaturdasi Festival

Bala Chaturdasi is celebrated in Nepal as a day of remembrance for ancestors. It is usually celebrated in December. The holiday lasts for several days, when Nepalese Hindus pray for eternal peace for deceased relatives and sow seven kinds of seeds (Satbeej) in sacred places. The main place of pilgrimage on this holiday is the famous Pashupatinath temple. This is […]

Popular Nepal Categories

Nepal is an amazing country. In it, many legends and fairy tales are connected with reality. The greatest religions have intertwined roots here and created many memorable and sacred sites. Many great Buddhist masters, yogis and hermits have long lived in Nepal. If you are interested in feeling the sacredness and power of such places yourself and touching fantastic stories, […]

History of climbing Annapurna

Annapurna is the first eight-thousander to the top of which a successful ascent was made in 1950 by a small team of the French. The original goal of the French climbers was to climb Dhaulagiri, which they saw from the Gorepani pass. The approach to Dhaulagiri was conceived by them from Martha. Guides from Martha took them to the pass, […]

The history of the first ascents to the highest mountains in the world

Nepal has been attracting the attention of climbers since the 1920s. From 1921 to 1940 about a dozen British expeditions tried to climb the northern, Tibetan slope of Chomolungma, but none of them reached the summit. Some of these expeditions ended tragically. The Second World War interrupted climbing activities in the Himalayas for several years. After the war, travelers and […]