Holidays in Nepal. Bala Chaturdasi Festival

Holidays in Nepal. Bala Chaturdasi Festival

Bala Chaturdasi is celebrated in Nepal as a day of remembrance for ancestors. It is usually celebrated in December. The holiday lasts for several days, when Nepalese Hindus pray for eternal peace for deceased relatives and sow seven kinds of seeds (Satbeej) in sacred places. The main place of pilgrimage on this holiday is the famous Pashupatinath temple. This is the largest temple complex in Nepal, which is dedicated to Shiva – the ki

ng of animals or lord of living beings. Believers from Nepal and India come here and a huge number of people gather on the days of the holiday.

Ancient Hindu texts say that the ancestors will have a very good place in heaven if, on behalf of the deceased, the seeds of seven plants are sown in the Pashupatinath area. Happiness will be received not only by departed relatives, the well-being and joyful existence of the whole family will be ensured, since the deceased will be very happy.

All day, believers sow seeds of rice, barley, wheat, sesame, gram, corn and kaguno in certain places near the temple, and in the evening and at night they kindle a fire and read prayers on behalf of deceased relatives.

In the morning, the territory of Pashupatinath is covered with the gifts of the faithful. This is a paradise for cows and goats who live at the temple, accepting everything that is given here.